Barbara Barg is a pre-Socratic / post postmodern / pre-Apocalyptic poet and through those lenses explores writing, music, performance, teaching, the ground, the sky, and life in general. She was raised in Eastern Arkansas near the Mississippi Delta and -- after many wanderings -- moved to New York City where she became a several-times-recognized-in-a-coffee-shop poet/musician on that throbbing scene. She moved to Chicago in 2008. She hopes to out-live fascism and imperialism, but doesn’t let the demise of sane, political discourse destroy subjective attainments of personal happiness and peace where appropriate.


Faculty Member at
Chicago School of Poetics

Writing Screenplays for
Jump Room Films

In the works:

Brave New Squirrel (children's sci-fi book)

American Spleen (a book of non-fiction, fiction, metaphysics, science, anthropology, poetry)

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Wondering how mutable we are how mutable sailing through internal landscapes and landfills, watching the 21st Century struggle to shed the 20th Century's skin. Trying to eat better, pay attention . . .

Thank you, Peg O'Connell for the beautiful photographs of leaves floating in the sky and the home page pic of a leaf floating in blue water. And thank you, Timothy Lomas for those rooftop photos.